I’m Miss Fetilicious, a fetish model and make-up artist from Belgium.

This website however, is mainly dedicated to my latex modelling work.

I started modeling when I was 18. First I did only lingerie en fashion shoots but after a few years I did almost everything and I wanted to try something new. I bought my first latex clothing online: a black skirt from a cheap brand. Unfortunately I didn’t know how to maintain it and it broke after a few weeks.

My boyfriend introduced me into the latex scene. After a few months I learned a lot about latex and I got really addicted to it!

I ordered from various online latex stores and my latex wardrobe has grown tremendously! I’ve already spent A LOT of money on latex but it still fascinates me. I can say that I really have a passion and fetish for latex. It has become an addiction! I love the feeling of latex on my body. It feels like a second skin. I also like the smell of latex. Wearing latex makes me feel sexy and confident.

I like to wear nice dresses and accecoires but a catsuit with hood is the best feeling for me.

I like it when my body is completely covered with latex. I love hoods because they have a powerful transformative quality that oozes mystery and sensuality. They really turn me into another person.

I want to show the world that latex has nothing to do with sex and it can be worn in public too. I like to go out for dinner or shopping in latex. There’s nothing wrong with wearing latex in public as long as it is not too extreme or too sexy. Of course I will not go out in a completely transparent catsuit. I can wear most of my outfits in daily life but a few of them are too kinky. I wear those only for fetish party’s, photoshoots or just at home.

I’m also trained as a make-up artist so I can do my own makeup and styling , which is very convenient for photoshoots.

For bookings, collaborations or business proposals you can contact me by e-mail:


Rubber kisses Miss Fetilicious